The charity began because of a dog named Hero (rear) who loves everyone unconditionally. Seeing the world through his eyes, is what transformed our founder's life and she became dedicated to sharing this love with everyone. No Super Hero is complete without their sidekick, and ours is Hope (front), who joined our team in 2017.

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Hero & Hope

  • Educational Programming
  • Presentations/Speakers' Bureau
  • ​Pet Food for Homeless & Elderly


We believe in working together. We are happy to share these links of other organizations to help people in Maryland who need assistance. 

Our goal is to educate and offer outreach services that will help expand the understanding of how animals improve our overall health and environment.

We offer direct services to people in need to care for their pets.

It’s important to us to provide a variety of services and opportunities. We offer educational programming at every level and distribute pet food to low income elderly and homeless populations.