Thankful Paws is a registered non-profit organization based in Maryland. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Thankful Paws does not receive any governmental support and relies entirely on our sponsors and partners' kindness. We are an all-volunteer, home-based charity. That means we do not have a corporate office and utilize our volunteers' homes and automobiles.

Lynn Molnar, Founder & CEO of Thankful Paws

Lynn was still in high school when she found herself the adult at home because of her mother's schizophrenia. Lynn's own family members shunned her mother and refused to be a part of her life, thereby shunning Lynn and isolating her, making her a strong independent woman. But this isolation also created a deep inability to trust others. However, Lynn learned that she could always rely on the family dog, Pedro.


It was through the dog's unwavering commitment of love that provided stability to a young Lynn. As she grew up, another dog named Hero came into her life and through him, she discovered how to love and trust again, even those who hurt and abandoned her. Lynn's admiration and respect of pets led her to a career helping others with their animals. It is through identifying with her clients that Lynn finds her greatest passion. She understands the value a pet has in a person's life, how vital and deep the bonds of Human-Animal relationships can be, and that is why Lynn advocates for people and their pets. In Lynn's heart, they are just like she was, isolated, hurting and not able to trust anyone except their dog.


Now, with her new dog, named Hope, Lynn is confident, secure and more than willing to lend a hand - or a paw - to help someone else.


Meet Harley. He was living just like any other dog for most of his life. Then on Thanksgiving evening of 2011, his 'dad' had a major heart attack and died. This left his 'mom' grieving but also without a regular income. She was soon evicted from her home, and with nowhere to go, she and Harley were living out of their car while trying to figure out what to do.


We met Harley and his 'mom' after they had been homeless for several months. When we gave Harley some toys and the bed you see him on, his mom broke down and cried. She hugged me and said, "this is the happiest I have seen him in months. Thank you!" Her need was to provide a sense of normalcy for her beloved dog, who had been with her through the death of her husband and months of living in their car.

Thankful Paws Board Members

Sandra Sittler

Justin Rittenhouse

Zach Singer 

Stan Hierstetter

Lynn Molnar

A copy of our financial information is available free of charge by contacting us. Thankful Paws is compliant with the Maryland Solicitations Act, the State of Maryland, and Federal tax laws and procedures.


For more information, please feel free to contact the MARYLAND SECRETARY OF STATE, STATE HOUSE, ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND 21401. You can also contact them at (410) 974-5534.

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