This is a look into the psychology of people and pets and how we need each other. We discuss the stages of development across the lifespan and how pets give and get love.

Human-Animal Bond Part 1 & 2

This class offers a brief history of dog food, discusses pet nutritional needs at various stages as well as current trends in food, such as raw, grain-free, canned, dry food, and homemade.

Pet Nutrition Part 1 & 2

This class talks about the ways we can prepare now for an emergency. We will discuss evacuations, medications, identification, stress levels, and where to go.

Pet Emergency Planning

This class is an introduction to the practice of canine massage and how it benefits your dog with aging, post-surgery recovery, sports injury, and stress reduction. Private Canine Massage Sessions available too.

Canine Massage

This class discusses the importance of knowing your pet, getting a baseline on his normal, learning to brush his teeth, brush his fur, the value of clean water and proper care of his water and food bowls, and more!

Basic Pet Care

This class teaches the dog owner how to properly fit and secure their dog in a car harness, safety tips for staying at hotels, campsites, family, as well as some essential research about travels with Fido!

Traveling With Your Dog

This class discusses the legal parameters, the training involved, and scope of work involved for service, therapy and emotional support dogs. each level. Also showcases new developments in technology.

What is a Therapy Dog?

This class talks about the importance of having a pet food bank in every neighborhood; we talk about people in need and how everyone can help. Lots of information, personal stories, and data!

Pet Food Banks

This class presents an overview of basic dog first aid and canine CPR, including frostbite, heatstroke, choking, poisons, and plants.

Canine First Aid & CPR

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