What are Thankful Paws?

Thankful Paws is a registered charity founded in Maryland. We deliver pet food and supplies to low-income senior housing facilities and to those people who are temporarily struggling with homelessness.

I live in a low-income senior housing complex. Can my building get your services?

Yes, have a manager or social worker from your building contact us directly, and we will work out all the details with them.

Where do you get the food?

Thankful Paws relies entirely on donations from individuals or our corporate sponsors. We then share these food and supply donations with our clients. If you would like to help by providing food for our clients, please shop our Most Needed List on Amazon HERE.

How long will I receive food?

Thankful Paws will help our elderly clients throughout the lifetime of their pets.  For our homeless clients, we want to make sure their pets can stay with their people. We believe there are too many pets in the shelters and needlessly euthanized. Being homeless is a temporary situation for our clients, and surrendering their pets could prolong their time on the streets or even lead to more depression or suicide. We don't want to see anyone or their pet suffer because of a temporary situation. Life will get better, and staying together is usually the best option.  

What if my pet doesn't like food? Or gets sick from the food?

We take every measure possible to continue your pet on the same food you have been feeding him. However, if our donation supply is different from your usual brand, your pet might have a little upset tummy while he adjusts to the new food. This is normal. Thankful Paws also goes the extra mile to ensure the food our clients receive is new, still in the original packaging, and clean. We regularly check the pet food recall list and exercise due diligence for the safety of our clients.

Can I return the food to a store?

No. The food you received has been donated and not able to be returned to any store. If Thankful Paws discovers that someone has been selling or trying to return donated goods, that person will be terminated as a client.

I need help with veterinary care. Do you help with that?

Unfortunately, not at this time. However, if you want to call Thankful Paws and talk to us about your pet's situation, we are happy to listen and offer prayer and kindness to you. 

I'm not homeless or elderly, can you help me?

Our programs are designed to help those who have no other means of support or transportation. If you need food because of a natural disaster or pandemic, please contact us, and we will try to help you.

Are you accepting new clients?

Yes. If you are homeless, we will work with you to get food and supplies for you. If you are elderly or represent a low-income senior housing facility, please contact us to establish your facility as a regular distribution location.

I feed a feral colony. Can I get cat food?

No. Thankful Paws is not able to supply cat food for colonies. Our mission is to help keep pets in their home. We understand the need for help with cat colonies, but we are not designed to or have the capacity to feed colonies at this time.

How do homeless people contact you?

Almost all homeless people have cell phones, which they contact us through. They find out about us through our website, social media, or word-of-mouth.

I work/volunteer at a homeless shelter. Can Thankful Paws help us?

Yes. Many homeless people will be hesitant to tell others that they have pets because some people will try to take their pets away. We don't believe in doing that. We understand the value that pets bring to people. We will work with your organization, gain trust, and help your clients take better care of their pets.