Hero was the founding inspiration behind our mission. He personally attended over 300 events and oversaw most of the deliveries. He shared his gentleness and compassion with everyone he met. During Hero's life, we delivered over 75 tons of pet food and supplies. It is our heart to continue the PAWsome work that he started. Sadly, in 2019  he lost his battle with Cushing's Disease, and now every year, we host a Facebook fundraiser to help other Golden Retrievers through the Morris Animal Foundation.

Read more about Hero and learn about Cushing's Disease by clicking on the article below from Maryland Dog Magazine.


Cushing’s Disease: Hero’s Story

by Lynn Molnar


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Discover the amazement of life when you see beauty in yourself and others. The experiences detailed in this book are true, and it actually happened to Hero the Golden and Lynn the author and founder of Thankful Paws.


It is their hope that every person, regardless of age, can appreciate all of life's experiences-the good and the bad-and discover self-worth while learning self-control. Life is waiting for us to live it. Every day can be full of peace, compassion, and strength. It is up to each of us to focus on the beauty that is all around us. It is our choice. We hope this book helps you see the wonderment of life in a new way.


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